Why Government Officials Choose To Stay With Us?

When you think of downtown Indiana, you should think of fun, relaxations, sports, adventure, music, nightlife, good food and politics. Yes, politics. If you are a government official who’ll be dropping by Indy to report at the Federal Building, the State Capitol or the Courthouse, you’ll find perfect hotel accommodations Indianapolis at Hilton Garden Inn.

We’ve been host to several groups of government officials and not without good reason. We are located right in the center of downtown Indianapolis and near the Indianapolis airport. Our prime location ensures that we are close to the three buildings that interest government officials the most: the Federal building, the State Capitol and the Courthouse.

Imagine the amount of time you, as a government official, could save if you set up base at our historic hotel Indianapolis for your stay here. If you’d like to take some time out from your schedule to take in the sights and sounds of Indy, we are the most time convenient option you’ve got, since we are close to most other non-official buildings as well.

So the next time you need to drop by the State Capitol, do check in at Hilton Garden Inn and give us a chance to make your visit a little less hectic.

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