Time to Kick Things into Gear, Indianapolis

Who's ready for the Red Bull Indianapolis GP this year? This event will be held August 18th of this year at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, only 5-6 miles away from your favorite Indianapolis area hotel. This event is to go on regardless of weather conditions so it's definitely worthwhile to purchase tickets in advance. MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 will all be competing at this event. Although it comes every year, don't let that keep you from joining in on this August's fun.

Taking place on a 2.621-mile circuit, the Red Bull Indianapolis GP is sure to keep everyone's attention. Even if you don't plan to watch the grand prix yourself, why not take part in the activities around this event? From 7pm to midnight on August 16th and 17th, motorcyclists will be able to show off their bikes in celebration of that weekend's festivities. You don't have to have a bike of your own to enjoy yourself from Monument Circle to South Meridian Street. This celebration is near our Indianapolis downtown hotel too!

Anyone with a love for fast-moving motorbikes should get a ticket as soon as possible. Riders have been known to reach over 200 miles per hour at times. The top speed record so far has been 208.6 miles per hour thanks to Dani Pedrosa. On top of the crazy speeds reacher during this race, you'll see riders leaning their bikes up to sixty degrees. Talk about amazing!

If you're bringing a little one with you, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a bunch of fun events planned for children too. General admission tickets start from $40. Don't forget to look at hotels near Indianapolis Speedway once you've gotten your tickets. Happy racing!

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