The Perfect Location For A Conference – Hilton Garden Inn

Weddings, reunions, get-togethers, holidays – Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis has been host to events aplenty. But, it’s not casual events and fun outings alone that attract people to our hotel. Our conference hall has witnessed its share of formal conferences and meetings.

So if you are looking for a conference hotel Indianapolis has us to offer. There are many reasons why you should choose to host your meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Firstly, we are one of the few hotels near Indianapolis airport and therefore transportation is very convenient for the members participating in the conference or meeting.

Secondly, we have a conference hall that has just the right setting to promote brainstorming and successful, productive interactions. Thirdly, we have excellent facilities to enhance presentations during your conference including projectors of all conceivable kinds, microphones, speakers, 32” television with DVD and VCR facilities, wireless internet…you name it, we have it.

In addition to providing excellent conference facilities, we also have unmatched food, cold beverages, professional decorations including floral arrangements and banners for the conference, awesome accommodations and an ever-ready staff.

Once you've made your hotel reservations, Indianapolis will not remain a conference location alone. There’s a lot happening in downtown Indy these days. Once your meeting is done, you can take a walk down the streets, do some shopping, attend a sports event, visit a museum or do one of several other things that Indy has to offer. Who said conferences can't be fun?

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