The Indiana State Museum Delivers Once Again

Only six blocks from our luxurious Indianapolis area hotel, the Indiana State Museum is paying tribute to the infamous James Dean in their "Eternal James Dean" collection until June 2nd. In this exhibit, people will be able to see photographs and documents outlining the actor's life. Personal items he owned while alive will also be featured, such as his 955 500cc Triumph motorcycle and his uncle's 1949 Ford that Dean used during high school.

Dean has proven a particularly enigmatic character and an idol throughout the midwest. This exhibit shows his Indiana roots, emphasizing his teen years in Fairmount, Indiana. The exhibit takes a look into the time he spent at UCLA for college, as well as the brief time he lived in NYC. Since this youthful actor died at age 24, the years he spent in Indiana are a prime focus of the exhibit. Although having passed at such a young age, James Dean is known for his roles in "Rebel Without a Cause," "East of Eden," and "Giant." It is interesting because many actors living three times as long as Dean are not nearly as well-known as he is. Even teens in this day and age recognize his name despite the fact that he died in a car crash so long ago.

To get the full experience understand the "king of cool," book a room with our Indianapolis downtown hotel. Since we are so close to the exhibit, you won't have to worry about spending large sums of money to rent a car. In addition to the exhibit on James Dean, the Indiana State Museum will be featuring "The Lincolns: Five Generations of an American Family" until August 4th. So what are you waiting for? Check out our Indianapolis hotel packages right away!

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