IndyFringe Festival Brings the Unconventional to Life in August

There’s a lot of meaning to the word fringe. It can be a decorative border of thread or cord, an outer edge or even something that is not part of the mainstream, unconventional. The upcoming IndyFringe Festival likes to see itself as a little of the outer edge of theater entertainment, outside of the mainstream and ready to bring the unconventional to life.

Indiana residents and visitors will be thrilled to learn that the 6th Annual Indyfringe Festival promises to make August one show stopping spectacle. With 280 shows over a 10 day period, guests will meet diverse theatre artists creatively entertaining and educating the Indy masses.

The event will be hosted in 7 different theatres including Theatre on the Square Stage II, the Theatre on the Mainstage, The Phoenix, The Phoenix Mainstage, Comedy Spotz and the IndyFringe Theatre. All attendees need to do is pick a show and prepare to be entertained. All one hour shows perform back to back with 30 minute interval breaks to allow stage take down, setup and for guests to move to attend other stage shows.

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