Indy Is Great! – All The Reasons People Love Indianapolis

From a small city to a big one, from a quaint, non-happening place to one that sports a nightlife that other cities would envy – Indianapolis has come a long way. It has something for everybody. Excellent architecture, wonderful museums, shopping hotspots, a rocking nightlife, friendly people and fantastic hotels – is it any wonder that so many people are choosing downtown Indy as their holiday retreat? recently posted a video that featured amongst many other visitors, celebs like Patrick Dempsey, Peyton Manning and Gene Simmons and they all love Indy. Whether they were in town for a vacation, a conference, a convention or just visiting someone, all those captured on video only had good things to say about the city.  Check out this video below:

While sports enthusiasts gushed that Indy is the best sports town around, the nightlife was adjudged “the best” by club hoppers. Visitors also praised the way the city has been laid down and the ease with which they could get around. With sufficient hotel accommodations Indianapolis has managed to steadily increase the number of visitors it entertains.

If you are considering dropping into Indy for a weekend and are looking for hotels near Indianapolis Airport or conference hotels, Indianapolis has the Hilton Garden Inn that offers an atmosphere conducive not only to conferences, but also weddings, reunions, vacations and everything in between. Come and live the good life – the downtown way!

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