Concerts On The Canal

Indianapolis Group TravelThe 2011 Concerts On The Canal series is the reason behind the huge number of people thronging the Kruse Family Stardust Terrace at the History Center in downtown Indianapolis every Thursday night. The series features artistes such as Peace Train, Actors Theatre of Indiana, Greg Bacon and the Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra.

If you're going to be dropping by downtown Indy on Thursday, this is one event you should make time for. Don’t worry about hotel accommodations Indianapolis as we'll take care of you. 

For the Concerts on the Canal, you are allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverage to the concert. Alcoholic beverages have to be purchased and consumed at the site. If you are not into bringing your own food, fret not. Hoaglin To Go operates a café, outdoor grill and cash bar there.

If you’d be visiting downtown Indy on any of the upcoming Thursdays and wish to attend this event, you can reserve your seats online or by calling the Welcome Center at (317) 232 – 1882. To get to know more about Concerts On The Canal and the lineup of performers through August, check out the Indiana Historical Society’s website.

There’s a lot you can do in Indianapolis throughout the week. Take that much needed vacation and give downtown Indy a try. Turn to us if you are looking for a hotel room near Indianapolis airport. As one of the most popular downtown Indy hotels, Hilton Garden Inn has everything you’d want including well-furnished rooms, awesome food and an excellent staff. We look forward to seeing you here.

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