A Simple Guide to Bus/RV Parking in Downtown Indianapolis

So you've perused all the downtown Indy hotels you could find and have decided on us. If you're from out of town, you may be using a rental coach or relying on our local public transportation. Either way, we want to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Because of this, we want to keep you informed about our policies regarding parking. This will help to ease any stress you have while on your vacation (and we undoubtedly want to keep that at a minimum; after all, you're on vacation).

If you've taken advantage of our Indianapolis group travel options, you may have rented a bus to transport everyone more easily. In order to gain access to our onsite parking meters, you need to apply for a parking permit at least 14 days in advance. This application will be passed on to the City of Indianapolis by one of our managers. Once approved, a manager will forward the approval email to you, as well as information on paying for and printing the parking permit. The application fee is $32, while the processing fee is $85. The actual parking meters cost $21 a day, so please take all of these fees into consideration when deciding on parking options. If you are staying overnight, keep in mind that the night counts as one day and the morning counts as another. Also remember that a single bus requires three meters due to its length, but only five meters for two buses if they are parked back to back alongside our three star hotel Indianapolis.

ParkWhiz.com also offers parking options for buses, but their parking lot is only six blocks due south of our Indianapolis downtown hotel. Visit their website, type in “Indianapolis” and click the “find parking” link. You will then want to click on the LaRosa South Bus Parking Lot Reserve. To accurately reserve a space, you need to know your definite arrival and departure dates/times. Make sure that your bus is no longer than forty feet before you reserve a spot. Please see directional map below.


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